Logan Murphy

Web Developer


2017 - Present

Digital Craft Code Boot Camp

Web developer

Learned all of the tools needed to become a full-stack web
 Developed responsive web-apps
 Deployed multiple websites with Amazon AWS and Dokku
and GithubCollaborated for group projects

2015 - 2017

The Boba Shop

Web designer | Developer

Managed the business, social media and SEO optimization
● Did all of the book-keeping
● Designed and maintained the website

About Me

I am passionate about my job and I plan to be an active learner and keep up-to-date with all of the most relevant technologies as I continue to work as a developer.




Digital Craft Code Boot Camp

In this 16-week Web Development Career Path, we went through a career-focused curriculum that provides students with a full-stack foundation.


University of Texas at Austin

Bachelors in Education

Spent four years at the University of Texas, completed all course work and multiple internships.


Html & CSS 90%
Boostrap 90%
Javascript 80%
jQery 90%
Python 80%
Node.js 85%
Postgres 80%
Express 85%
WordPress 70%